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Centre for Professional Learning

About the Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program

The Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program comprises 300 hours of structured learning (blended input, applied learning and joint inquiry) and runs over twelve months and starts in Autumn 2017. Academic and practitioner faculty members organise, coordinate and teach the programme. The Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program is organised into five eight-week modules. Each module starts with two weeks of pre-work and case preparation working at a distance with specialised content. This is followed by a week-long on site programme. There is a further two weeks to work online at a distance on the cases and challenges before meeting up again to work with members of your action learning set.

The Centre for Professional Learning has its own website. For more information about the Leiden Certified Public Manager® Program, please go to the CPM webpage (2021 edition is in Dutch).

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