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Centre for Modern Urban Studies

The Centre for Modern Urban Studies (MUS) is a multidisciplinary research institute that looks at historic and current changes in large cities. Our research is focussed on socio-cultural, economical, legal or technological change and the ways all these elements interact.

Issues that large urban developments have to deal with nowadays, like migration, social cohesion, restructuring, socio-economic differences, internationalisation and the development of a knowledge economy, require a scientific approach that combines insights and data from a number of different disciplines. 

The Centre for Modern Urban Studies of the Faculty Governance and Global Affairs analyses developments in The Hague, and more recently also in other Dutch cities. We achieve this within a framework of comparative and multidisciplinary perspectives. Historical and social scientific analysis data used to better understand current urban developments and to refine our insights while comparing them to historical developments. We furthermore study and use sociological analysis to provide insights in residents’ and administrators’ reactions to major economic and demographic changes.

More about MUS on the Dutch page.

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