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Servicedesk W&N

Visiting Address
Gorlaeus Building Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number
Ground floor - in front of the CE-wing
+31 71 527 6400

Opening Hours

08:30  - 16:30
08:30  - 16:30
08:30  - 16:30
08:30  - 16:30
08:30  - 16:30

Service desk W&N is responsible for the locations Lecture Hall Building, Gorlaeus Building, Huygens, Oort, Snellius, Sylvius and Hortus Botanicus. The University service desk is the central point of contact for all your questions, requests and complaints about facilities and services.

The service desk is the central point of contact for all your questions about facilities and services, such as:

The service desk is responsible for making sure that your report ends up in the right place and is implemented or complied with. You will also receive feedback on your report.

Please report any failure to buildings or equipment to your building’s service desk. If your building does not have its own service desk or when the failure happens outside working hours, please contact via Reporting incidents

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