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LIAS China Seminar

The China Seminars are organized throughout the academic year.

Previous seminars

Memory, Activism and Social Justice: Kao Jun-honn’s Great Leopard Project

The Ten Kings of Earth Prisons: Theatricality of Death in Late Imperial China

Immersion without Mimesis: Song-Dynasty Cybernetics, the Game of Go, and Autopoeisis in Premodern Chinese Literature

The Making of a Standard Mountain

The Laboring Refugee

A Waste of Woodblocks: Publishing Humour in Late Ming China

A Global South Divided: Rising Powers in International Environmental Politics

China's Fashion Power

Perceptions of China’s Sexual Economy

Dr. Carwyn Morris: "The Digital Geographies of Secrecy"

Prof.em. Craig Clunas: "Is 'Great Ming' a Dynasty?"

Dr. Vincent Chang: "The Revival of World War II in China: Multiple Histories, Malleable Memories"

Gabe van Beijeren Bergen en Henegouwen: "From Zero to Hero: Coloring the Narrative of the Siege of Yanmen"

Paul van Els: "Confucius Speaks"

Ronald C. Po: "The Fusheng Quanty: An Exceptional Maritime Painting in Nineteenth Century China"

Federico Picerni: Margins and Recognition(s) in the Practice of the Picun 'New Workers' Literature Group

Dawid Rogacz: "The Concept of Public Interest (gong) in the Chinese Philosophy of Law and Politics"

Prof.dr. Anne Gerritsen: "Shards for Sale: The Jingdezhen Shard Market and Writing New Histories of the Ceramics Industry"

Dr. Casper Wits: "The Xinhua News Agency and Chinese Foreign Policy in the Cold War"

Fresco Sam-Sin: "Qing Things Talking With and Against Text"

Dr. Beatrix Campbell & Dr. Jue Wang: "Is There Such a Thing as a Confucianist Chinese Foreign Policy? A Case Study of the Belt and Road Initiave"

Jingjing Li: "Walking on Thin Ice: The Biography of Nadi, and the Tension between Buddhism and the State in Early Tang"

Prof.dr. Joel Andreas: "Disenfranchised: The Rise and Fall of Industrial Citizenship in China"

Dr. Rosa Vieira de Almeida: "Eurasian Extinction: Miscegenation and the Question of the Native in Macau Literature"

Prof.dr. Maghiel van Crevel & Dr. Marc Gilbert: "From China with Love"

Prof.dr. Sarah E. Fraser: "Chinese Russian, and German 20th-century Expeditions in Central Asia: Politics, War, and Archaeology"

Dr. Stephen H. Whiteman: "Art History and the Question of Early Modern Cosmopolitanism in the Qing Era"

Prof.dr. Man-houng Lin 林滿紅: "The Gradually Emerging Pacific: My Maritime History Studies"

Ms. Li Ang 李昂: "Politics and Gender"

Prof.dr. Douglas Berger: "Mohist Forms of Argument in Ancient China: Influences and Evaluations"

Dr. Ching-Ling Wang: "Praying For Myriad Virtues: On Ding Guanpeng’s The Buddha Preaching in the Berlin Collection"

"Framing Margins: Mao and Visuality in Twentieth-century India"

Prof.dr. Ann Heirman: "Insects and Other Annoying or Dangerous Creatures in Buddhist Monasteries: Vinaya from India to China"

Xiong Xiong: "Visible Leisure, Invisible Demands: The Daily Life of Imperial Library Officials in 12th-13th-century China"

Dr. Jiyan Qiao: "Unifying Values by Transforming Human Nature: Wang Anshi's (1021-1086) Philosophy and the New Policies Governance"

Dr. Paul Vierthaler: "Experiments in Tracing the Origin of Quotes through Late Imperial Chinese Corpora"

Dr. Ting-Fai Yu: "Reconfiguring Queer Chineseness: Hong Kong as Method"

Dr. He Bian: "'Not a Local Product Here': Materia Medica and the Spatial Politics of Material Resources (wuliao) in Ming China"

Dr. Limin Teh: "Mining the Dragon Vein: Coal Extraction, and Secular Power in Northeast China, 1895-1912"

Dr. Fan Lin: "Imaging the Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing in Late Imperial Chinese Gazetteers and European Travelogues"

Dr. Lai Yu-chih: "Manchu Roots: Imperial Politics, Image Discourse, and European Botanical Studies at the Qianlong Court"

Dr. David A. Palmer: "The Aporia of Chinese Volunteers: Moral Breakdown and Ethical Moments"

Dr. Griet Vankeerberghen: "What's in a Name? Sub-elites of Western Han Chang'an"

Prof.dr. Maghiel van Crevel: "Misfit: The Poetry of Xu Lizhi"

Dr. Ching-Ling Wang: "On a Newly Discovered See Fish Album (Haiyu tu, 1736) and the Formation of Knowledge in 18th-century China"

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