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Guest Lecture | SSEALS

Special Guest Lecture: Colonialism, Citizenship and the challenges for Decolonial work in the Netherlands

Friday 8 March 2024
Research Colloquium: SSEALS (2024)
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

Special Guest Lecture

Inspired by the work of anti-colonial activist Anton de Kom, this talk will discuss the relationship between colonialism, slavery and citizenship and their contemporary afterlives. Taking the lives of the (formerly) colonized and their offspring as a point of departure, it takes issue with universalist-inclusive and progressive notions of modern citizenship (‘equal citizenship’). Attention will be drawn to Citizen Violence in the context of colonialism and slavery. It will then identify some colonial continuities in post-independent citizenship regimes of European metropoles, especially the Netherlands where many people can trace a lineage to South and Southeast Asia. It discusses some challenges the current political and academic climate poses for translating these insights into a decolonial knowledge agenda for the present.

About the speaker: Guno Jones is professor to the Anton de Kom Chair in the History of Colonialism and Slavery and Their Contemporary Social, Cultural, and Legal Impact at VU, Amsterdam.


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