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Your rights and freedoms on the World Wide Web

Friday 9 February 2024
EU Seminar
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

As we approach the European elections in June, Leiden University is organizing discussions with politicians and policy experts on topics of existential importance for the EU and its citizens. On February 9th we ask what the EU has done to make our lives online better. Come and join us for a discussion with Dutch MEP Bart Groothuis (Renew Europe) about regulation of digital platforms, cybersecurity, disinformation, privacy, and data rights.

Walk-in: 15:00h
Discussion: 15:30-17:00h
Drinks: 17:00-18:00h
The number of seats is limited so please make sure to REGISTER HERE.

Hidden away in our phones and other devices, the online world is taking up ever more space in our lives, and we seem to have ever less control over it. As the digital sphere fills up with fake news, artificial intelligence, cyber-attacks, foreign trolls and biased algorithms, the call to regulate the digital world has never been louder. From the privacy regulation (GDPR) to the recently proposed AI act, the European Union has been at the forefront of attempts to regulate the online world. The outcome has at times been explosive: major digital companies have threatened to leave the EU, we are all having to approve cookies and fill out consent forms daily, but are our rights actually better protected?

With Dutch MEP Bart Groothuis (Renew Europe), we ask what it takes to regulate the digital domain well. What has the EU tried to achieve? What works? And what is on the agenda as the next elections loom? Come learn about the EU’s efforts to regulate digital platforms, share your ideas and concerns and find out what the upcoming regulations might mean for your own life online.

There is a security check at the doors so please make sure you arrive around 15:00 to take your seat. The discussion will start at 15:30. The event will be followed by a small reception.

Bart Groothuis is a member of the Dutch VVD party and part of the RenewEurope group in the European Parliament. During his parliamentary career he has worked on issues of foreign digital interference, cybersecurity, disinformation, and digital sovereignty. Before he became an MEP, he was the head of the cyber security bureau at the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

This event is organized by Vera Scepanovic and Sjoerd Gillissen on behalf of MA European Union Studies, and is co-hosted by the European Parliament liaison office in The Netherlands. 

The event is supported by the Faculty of Humanities Impact Support Network.

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