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In the Making #2: Etienne Kallos, Searching for a Diasporic Time Image

Sunday 28 January 2024
West in the former American embassy
Lange Voorhout 102
The Hague

The Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) of Leiden University and art institute West Den Haag are pleased to announce their close collaboration in the new public series In the Making. In six public sessions they will present to the public different practices of research in the arts.

Artistic production has always expressed the forms in which we know, explore, and sense the world we live in. The current practice of research in the arts consciously assumes this exploration. In the past decades the focus on research in the domain of the arts has grown – as well as its role in universities and other research contexts – expressing its engagement with the realities of the world at large.

In the Making will address how artists conduct their research. Guest artist researchers and artist researchers from Leiden University will present their projects, approaches to research, methods and results. Each session will address questions inherent to these projects. In the Making aims to deepen a perspective which conceives of artistic practice not as the sole product of individual visionaries but as a collective endeavor embedded in society. It addresses the role of art in the construction of the present and the creation of possible futures.

In the Making #2

In this session, filmmaker Etienne Kallos will present his research on the diasporic image and enter into a discussion with film theorist Patricia Pisters on how Gilles Deleuze’s theory of modern political cinema relates to Deleuzian concepts of the people who are missing, a state of aberrance and trance. How might a cinema of displacement be shaped by bodily movement or rhythms within its frame to acknowledge the experience of peoples born into a state of cultural disruption or who exist in relation to a sense of place that has been lost?

About Etienne Kallos and Patricia Pisters

Etienne Kallos (1972, SA) is a Greek filmmaker from South Africa who studied theater in South Africa before attending the graduate film program at NYU in New York. His nonfiction and fiction works explore issues around coming-of-age and the loss of a sense of place within contemporary diasporic experience.

In 2009 Kallos won the Golden Lion for ‘best short film’ for his 30-minute Afrikaans-language film ‘Firstborn’ at the Venice Film Festival. In 2018 his 98-minute Afrikaans-language film ‘The Harvesters’ premiered at Cannes’ ‘Un Certain Regard’. Other festivals include Sundance – where he won the Sundance/Mahindra ‘Global Filmmaker Award’ – Berlin, Thessaloniki, Telluride, and Rome, where he won a ‘Best First Feature Film’ award.

Support for Kallos’s work includes 'Eurimages', 'the Greek Film Center', the 'Cannes Residence' program, and the 'CNC World Cinema Support Fund'. He has taught screenwriting and film directing at the California College of Arts in San Francisco and New York University.

Patricia Pisters is professor of Media Studies (with a specialization in Film Studies) at the University of Amsterdam. She is affiliated to the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA) of the Faculty of Humanities and member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (KNAW). She is one of the founding editors of the peer reviewed Open Access journal NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies. With Bernd Herzogenrath she is series editor of Thinking I Media at Bloomsbury; with Wanda Strauven and Malte Hagener series editor of Film Culture in Transition at Amsterdam University Press. Since 2022 she is board member of the Open Foundation for interdisciplinary research in psychedelics and Extra Extra Magazine, platform and journal for art and urban eroticism. As a film-philosopher her work investigates film and media in relation to (altered states of) consciousness. She is interested in the aesthetics and politics of art, film and media culture and investigates media ecologies from an elemental perspective. For more information about Patricia Pisters, please visit her website.

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