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SAILS Lunch Time Seminar: Alex Ingrams

Monday 4 December 2023
Online only

Impact of centre-periphery rift on digital engagement for sustainability: the perspective of Dutch small municipalities

There is an increasing center-periphery political divide in many countries, which has become attenuated by burdens of sustainability reform affecting peripheral areas. Frequently, efforts to engage a broad base of citizens relies on dialogue and decision-making through digital platforms that receive public input or broadcast information. Despite the need to establish viable local sustainability policies, limited attention has been paid to the impacts of center-periphery divides on the effectiveness of digital local policy engagements with citizens.

In this project, we raise the following two questions: (1) how do peripheral municipalities organize public engagement for sustainability through digital means, and (2) what impact does the engagement have on local and national sustainability policies? Using a mixed methods approach, we will focus on understanding and explaining digital types of public engagement for sustainability. The project focuses on the Netherlands given the recent Dutch crises including farmers knocking down the town hall doors because of the new Nitrogen rules, and local actions against wind farms.

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