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CANCELLED Florence Nightingale Colloquium: Robert van Liere

Friday 24 November 2023
Snellius Gebouw
Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden

Cancelled PLAN-FDK: an effcient and scalable datastructure for high performance computed tomography

Unfortunately, we have to cancel this event, dus to illness of the speaker.

Image reconstruction in computed tomography is a mathematical process that generates tomographic images from X-ray projection data acquired at many different angles around an object. Throughout the years, various rubust and accurate algorithms have been proposed. One of these is the FDK algorithm. However, when dealing with very large input projection volumes, the high demand on computational resources remains hampers its usage in many applications.

In this talk, I will discuss PLAN-FDK, a datastructure for the efficient and scalable reconstruction of very large input projection volumes. PLAN-FDK can be configured to run efficiently on computers with limited resources as well as on a network of large high performance computers with many GPUs. I will show how PLAN-FDK has been used to reconstruct a 2.8 terabyte projection volume, resulting in a
700 Giga-voxel reconstructed output volume. The results show that PLAN-FDK is scalable using one to eight GPUs.

This is joint work with Willem Jan Palenstijn (LIACS) and Vladyslav Andriiashen (CWI).

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