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SAILS Lunch Time Seminar: AI and Aesthetics

Monday 1 May 2023
Online only

Critical AI Art, Human Machines and Eliza Effect

The talk will address the intersection between epistemological, aesthetic and cultural challenges presented by AI. Machine learning became not only an instrument but an object of acute critical reflection for art. The questions at stake include the ethical and political dimensions of the data sets used to train AI models. Art offers ways to deconstruct the premises behind the AI technology and to discover its creative potential and limitations. Critical artistic practices, such as by Lauren McCarthy, Adam Harvey, Trevor Paglen, Helena Nikonole, go far beyond the dominant forms of AI-driven aesthetics, inviting to demystify the technological processes, counter the problematic (techno-solutionist) narratives and resist new forms of cultural commodification.

Computational capabilities push us to reconsider human cognitive representations, the role of contingency and distinctions between the human and the nonhuman types of intelligence. I will thus discuss another thought-stimulating dimension of critical art with and about AI, namely the psychological effects that emerge due to human projections and expectations in interaction with machines.

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