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Protecting Cyberspace in the Indo-Pacific through European and Japanese Cyber Diplomatic Initiatives

Tuesday 14 March 2023

On 14 March at 15:00-17:00 Dr. Wilhelm Vosse of the International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo Japan will give a guest lecture on 'Protecting Cyberspace in the Indo-Pacific through European and Japanese Cyber Diplomatic Initiatives'

The recent European rise in attention to the Indo-Pacific region has primarily been driven by its growing importance as a geographic area that needs to be secured. Because of China's and India's centrality for international trade and investment, their increasing military capabilities and overall influence in the region provide a security challenge for Europe and Japan. This lecture will argue that the security and stability in the Indo-Pacific and indirectly of Europe and its partner like Japan are also threatened by technological advances and the exploitation of these advances by actors with separate intentions about their use. The use of information technology and cyberspace by authoritarian regimes like China and Russia to strengthen their influence domestically, but equally in an increasing number of countries in the Indo-Pacific region undermines democratic and human rights through the use of mass surveillance, disinformation campaigns or weakening data privacy, eventually making an increasing number of countries prone to fall prey to authoritarian leadership. This lecture will explore the cyber diplomatic initiatives the EU and Japan have launched and assess their effectiveness and potential for cooperation.

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