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Sails Lunch Time Seminar Serena Viti

Monday 7 November 2022
online only
Serena Viti

A statistical and machine learning approach to the study of astrochemistry

Astrochemistry is the study of molecules in space. Molecules are present in the dense gas in all galaxies and, beside having a key role in the formation and shaping of such galaxies, they are also ideal tracers of their physical characteristics. In order to draw the real potential of molecules as tracers of the dense gas in  galaxies, accurate estimates of their abundances  as a function of all the physical parameters that influence their chemistry must be obtained.  However understanding the physical conditions in the molecular gas in galaxies is often an inverse problem subject to complicated chemistry that varies non-linearly with both time and the physical environment.  In this talk I will present examples of how we can use statistical and AI techniques to interpret astrochemical observations as well as improve astrochemical modeling.  

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