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Alumni event

Alumni meet students in Psychology Methodology & Statistics

  • Maaike Jorink
  • Michiel Luijten
  • Aranka Bijl
Thursday 31 March 2022
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden

On March 31st, former students Methodology & Statistics (M&S) of Leiden University will share their current and previous professional activities, to provide M&S students an insight into their career perspectives.

M&S alumni career event

The Methodology and Statistics Unit of Leiden University (M&S, formerly M&T) organises its fifth M&S alumni event. With this event, we aim to bring current and former students in contact with each other, to provide you with insight into the career perspective of M&S alumni, and to help you in your quest for an internship and future job possibilities.

In a short session that will take place during the break of the meeting, all present alumni will be introduced to the current students and the students will be given the opportunity to ask questions. More questions can be asked afterwards during the informal drink in the cafĂ© on the ground floor of the Pieter de la Court Building

Several alumni will share their current and previous professional activities.

Michiel Luijten

Michiel Luijten formerly studied Applied Psychology before doing a premaster program for the master Methodology & Statistics. Since his graduation he has been doing a PhD at the department of child- and adolescent psychiatry and psychosocial care at the Emma Children’s Hospital and the department of Epidemiology & Data Science at the Amsterdam UMC. He is involved as psychometrician at the Amsterdam UMC and the Dutch Healthcare Institute for the implementation of value-based healthcare and shared-decision making.

Aranka Bijl

Aranka Bijl works as an educational researcher at eX:plain, a foundation that specializes in vocational assessment and certification testing for the industry and education. Here, she mainly works on applied research problems and the translation of more theoretical research into practical solutions. In September 2020, Aranka started as a PhD student in the field of educational assessment. In collaboration with Cito Foundation and the University of Twente, the research revolves around the implementation of games in high-stakes assessment contexts. The question she aims to answer is twofold. First, she aims to answer whether serious games can provide candidates with an authentic exam environment that is less stressful than traditional high-stakes assessments. Second, she aims to answer whether performance in the game can be used to make valid and reliable inferences about candidate ability.  

Maaike Jorink

Maaike Jorink is currently working as a data analyst at Whooz in The Hague. After graduating from Applied Psychology at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, she wanted to specialise herself in a specific field. Math and statistical courses always caught her attention, as she likes to puzzle with data. For this reason, she chose to do the Methodology and Statistics Master in Psychology at Leiden University. 

Programme: M&S Alumni Career Event

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