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Research Projects, Categories and Supervisors

These are the proposed research projects for LEAPS 2019. Please note that not all projects will go ahead and some may still be added in the near future. Final funding decisions lie with the Faculty sponsors. And please make a note that if you are interested in an ESA project, to check if your state is an ESA member or affiliate state.

Extreme matter accretion onto black holes

Supervisor: Ciro Pinto

Type of project: Observational, black holes, galactic evolution, X-ray data analysis, spectral fitting, (ESA)

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Outbursts in accreting neutron stars as a probe of extreme magnetic field

Supervisor: Alexander Mushtukov & Simon Portegies-Zwart

Type of project: Theoretical, accretion, accretion discs, neutron stars, programming, X-rays

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Characterizing astrophysical COMs in a laboratory setting

Supervisor: Harold Linnartz

Type of project: Laboratory, GREENBERG FOUNDATION, astrophysical complex organics (COMs)

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Photochemistry in the atmospheres of Hot Jupiters

Supervisor: Alex Cridland

Type of project: Theoretical; chemical modeling, synthetic spectra, exoplanetary atmospheres

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Using machine learning to quantify structure in star clusters

Supervisor: Oliver Lomax & Daniel Michalik

Type of project: Statistical, star clusters, n-body, Gaia, (ESA)

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Searching for the young and small galaxies behind "El Gordo"

Supervisor: Bruno Ribeiro

Type of project: Observational, high redshift Universe, galaxy evolution / morphology, merging clusters, strong gravitional lensing

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Exploring the clearness/cloudiness of the atmosphere of gas giant exoplanets

Supervisor: Nicolas Crouzet & Sandor Kruk

Type of project: Data analysis, exoplanets, transits, spectroscopy, programming, (ESA)

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Simulating measurements of Europa plumes by JUICE

Supervisor: Hans Huybrighs

Type of project: Simulations, planetary science, programming, particle tracing, Europa, (ESA)

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Chemistry of MHD disk-winds launched from planet-forming regions

Supervisor: Benoit Tabone

Type of project: Astrochemical modelling, observations, young stars, jets, outflows, infrared molecular lines, protoplanetary disks

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Evaluating Massive Science Communication Programmes and understanding grassroot participation

Supervisor: Jorge Rivero-Gonzalez & Pedro Russo

Type of project: Science Communication, massive science communication programmes, grassroots initiatives, communities of practices

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How large was the Milky Way 13 billion years ago?

Supervisor: Mauro Stefanon

Type of project: Observational, galaxy formation and evolution, high-redshift galaxies, galaxy sizes, massive galaxies

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Massive galaxies in the EAGLE simulation: investigating the relation between dark matter halo mass and observable properties

Supervisor: Alessandro Sonnenfeld

Type of project: Computational, massive galaxies, simulations, galactic properties

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Impact of charge transfer inefficiency in Euclid CCDs on cosmic shear measurements

Supervisor: Patricia Liebing & Henk Hoekstra

Type of project: Observational & Instrumentation, weak gravitational lensing, CCD, radiation damage, image analysis, programming and visualization

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LOFAR eyes on black holes and star formation

Supervisor: Wendy Williams

Type of project: Observational, data analysis, black holes, star formation, radio astronomy, multiwavelength, spectral fitting

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Using protoplanetary disk substructure to gauge the strength of turbulence

Supervisor: Giovanni Rosotti

Type of project: Theoretical, protoplanetary disks, turbulence, numerical simulations

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Please note that the ESA projects (marked by ESA in their 'Type of project' description) are only available for students from ESA member or affiliate states (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Canada). Students from Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Slovenia (affilliate members) can also apply for ESA projects.

Projects not marked with ESA are held at Leiden University, and are open to any nationality.

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