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Week 1
June 7th - Big Data, Genetics and Omics Analytics in Population Health, Hospital Care and the pathophysiology of ageing and disease

  • Big Data Analytics applications to guide patient care in Brazil: examples from a tertiary-care Hospital and a National Primary Care program.
    By Dr. Edson Amaro (Albert Einstein Hospital)
  • Molecular epidemiology, big data and the generation and use of predictors
    By Prof. Dr. Eline Slagboom (LUMC)
  • Whole-genome sequencing of 1,171 elderly admixed individuals from the largest Latin American metropolis
    By Prof. Dr. Michel Satya Naslavsky (USP)
  • From GWAS to functional genomics 
    By Dr. Rodrigo C. de Almeida (LUMC)

June 8th - Omics for Infectious diseases

  • “Omics” for Infectious Diseases
    By Prof. Dr. Annemieke Geluk (LUMC)
  • Genetics of Leprosy – expected and unexpected developments
    By Prof. Dr. Marcelo Tavora Mira (PUCPR)
  • Applications of Metabolomics in leprosy and tuberculosis research
    By Dr. Cristiana Macedo (FIOCRUZ) 
  • Translating Omics to the Field
    By Prof. Dr. Annemieke Geluk (LUMC)

June 9th - Data Science & Visualization

  • The study of Tuberculosis from model systems to the clinic
    By Prof. Dr. Fons Verbeek and Prof. Dr. Herman Spaink (Leiden University)
  • Tools for large scale readout and processing in the life sciences
    By Prof. Dr. Fons Verbeek (Leiden University)
  • Modelling Tuberculosis, a computational approach
    By Dr. Rafael R. Carvalho (Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás)
  • Natural Products as new drug candidates for tuberculosis treatment
    By Michelle Frazao Muzitano (UFRJ)

June 10th - Networking and matching event


Week 2
June 14th - Practical application - Big Data, Genetics and Omics Analytics in Population Health
June 15th - Practical application - Omics for Infectious diseases
June 16th - Practical application - Data Science & Visualization
June 17th - Closing remarks and certification ceremony

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