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Arts and leisure - Visual arts

Model painting with diverse techniques

Thursday from 19:30-22:00 h

Maurice Braspenning
Edgar Degas, badende vrouw 1886

For whom
For beginners and for people with some experience.
(in this course the general instruction is given in Dutch, but individually you can be guided in English).

This course is an introduction to different materials where the model is starting point.

In this 8-week course we work in sets of two or three lessons with different materials. For example: watercolor, ink, eraser and acrylic will be discussed.

Watercolor is a special material that requires an equally special way of working. You paint with water-soluble paint, transparent bright colors, where the light parts are the recesses/unpainted parts. So you actually work the other way around.

The priority is to have fun creating and watching. The Japanese brush is a good way to work freehand. With smooth lines and East Indian ink we will try to capture the soul of the model.

We will also paint with eraser. After blackening a sheet of paper with charcoal, we will erase the model from the dark background.

Painting with acrylics is done with direct strokes. Fot this we use spalters. These are flat, wide brushes with which we will build the model.

You will see that looking closely and using different materials has completely different outcomes, even if the subject is the same. Also that the space around the model is of just as much value as the model itself. And that you can represent the model as well as possible, but that you also can try to capture the soul of the subject in order to reach the core.

The course includes use of material during the lessons (and models).
At Terpentijn you can buy materials for your home. The first lesson you will receive a LAK student card that gives you a 10% discount at Terpentijn.

Maurice Braspenning studied at the Rietveld Academy and the Rijks Academy, both in Amsterdam, where he was taught by Luc Tuymans, among others. 
He exhibits in the Netherlands and abroad. His work is in several company collections and the large work 'The Pope' has been purchased and is part of the collection of Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden.
He is also co-founder of the annual Familiekamer Kunstprijs, an annual exhibition with a professional jury.

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