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Arts and leisure - Music

African percussion (djembé)

Fridays from 19:30-21:00 h (start one week later than originally planned)

Arno Willekes

For whom 
Everyone interested in the socio-cultural backgrounds and learning the basic techniques of playing many types of African percussion with the main focus on the djembe and doundoun drums of West-Africa 

In this introductory course we will learn the basic techniques in playing the djembe and doundoun as well as smaller percussion instruments.  The traditional music from the Mande region of West-Africa will be the main focus. This region roughly comprises the countries Senegal, Mali, Guinee, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

This focus will surve as an illustration and example of the extensive and complex forms of percussionmusic that exist throughout the African continent. We will also discuss the music from countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Congo to give the students an verall view of the diversity of this music and it's place within wider traditional and popular styles of music.

(drums are present in class)

Arno Willekes studied Cultural Anthropology at the UL and graduated with a thesis on the socio-cultural context of djembe players and their music in Tambacounda, East-Senegal. Since then he has studied extensively the music of all the styles of djembe and doundoun music with varying teachers and in varying musical setups. He also studied the sabar percussionmusic of Senegal during this time. Since 2000 Arno teaches to young and old, at schools, institutions and companies and he this with a noticeable entousiasm and a love for musical teamwork and performing. 

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