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Arts and leisure - Dance

Oriental Dance intermediate/advanced

Tuesday from 20:15-21:45 h

Rachid Alexander

For Whom
For experienced dancers.

Belly Dance (Raqs Sharki) is an ancient art form originated in the Middle East from social and folkloric dances that were grounded and earthy. It is characterized by isolated hip moves, graceful hand and arm gestures, undulating torso and articulated isolation's employed in a range of dynamic and emotional expression.

The LAK is entitled to move a student to a higher/lower level.
This will always be done in consultation with the teacher and student.

Rachid Alexander was born on Curaçao and is a trained oriental dancer. Now residing in The Netherlands, he is one of Europe’s most sought after male belly dancers. Rachid performs all over Europe, the USA, Asia and The Caribbean in dance festivals, expos and galas. He teaches workshops to share this art and has judged several dance competitions. He's a very skilled teacher and dancer.

Watch Rachid dancing here:

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