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We as Young Academy Leiden are continuously educating ourselves and are listening to the voices coming from our own university, especially voices of young academics. In order to amplify those voices, we have set up a new blog called ‘Voices of Young Academics’. It features contributions from early career academics across our university.

Future-proof university

Our university is currently in the process of developing a new strategic plan, which has been referred to as 'LDN FWD' (Leiden Forward). We consider it important for the early career academic community to get involved in this process. YAL will therefore host a mini-series of young interfaculty lunch meetings to gather input from early career scholars. Ideas, suggestions, and concerns that arise during these meetings will be shared with the Strategy and Academic Affairs office from the University. In addition, we would love to receive contributions to YAL's blog 'Voices of Young Academics' on the future-proof university. 

Undoubtedly, our experiences during the past 1,5 years influence our views on the post-corona university and they will most likely also feed into the new strategic plan. What do we, as early career scholars, consider urgent themes and goals for the coming years? What do we want academic life at Leiden University to look like post-corona? How do we make Leiden University fit for the future?

We hope you are willing to share your reflections and ideas on the future-proof university. If you would like to contribute to our blog 'Voices of Young Academics', please reach out to us via e-mail: youngacademy@bb.leidenuniv.nl (subject line 'Voices of Young Academics'). Contributions can be anonymous if preferred.

As a structure for the blog, we ask you to answer the following three questions in your text:

  • What are your lessons learned?
  • What are silver linings and should we manage for continuity?
  • What should we not keep and manage for change?

If the author chooses to not be anonymous, it would be nice to add a picture and a 150-word bio.

P.S. Contributions are always welcome, independently of the subject. Therefore, if you have any burning issues that deserve attention, do submit your proposal at any time.

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