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Call for contributions

We as Young Academy Leiden are continuously educating ourselves and are listening to the voices coming from our own university, especially voices of young academics. In order to amplify those voices, we have set up a new blog called ‘Voices of Young Academics’. It features contributions from early career academics across our university.

Summer of Sustainability

We are currently marking the Summer of Sustainability as one of YAL’s Seasons of Interdisciplinarity in 2021 with a series of small activities to open up discussion on this crucial topic. As members of the academic community, we play an important part in sustainability-related issues. We want to critically reflect and learn during this season. What is the role of research and education for 21st century challenges such as the climate crisis or the COVID-19 pandemic? How can we as an academic community at Leiden University contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and be a future-proof university? How can we as individual scholars incorporate more sustainability in our private and professional lives? We would love to receive contributions to YAL's own blog, 'Voices of Young Academics', on these and other questions.

We invite early career scholars to share their personal reflections on what is ‘our’ place in sustainability-related issues and what courses of action we should be taking as an academic community. Or just share tips for a more sustainable (work) lifestyle! Undoubtedly, there are lessons we learned from our experiences during the corona crisis. Contributions can cover a variety of sustainability-related topics, including but not limited to academic travel, virtual conferences, sustainability in teaching, and sustainable academic careers.

We warmly encourage you to share your reflections and ideas during this Summer of Sustainability. If you would like to contribute to our blog 'Voices of Young Academics', please reach out to us via e-mail: youngacademy@bb.leidenuniv.nl (subject line 'Voices of Young Academics'). Contributions can be anonymous if preferred. If the author opts to use their name, please make sure to also send us a picture and a 150-word bio.

P.S. Contributions are always welcome, independently of the subject. Therefore, if you have any burning issues that deserve attention, do submit your proposal at any time.

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