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Oral skills

Oral skills

All skills listed below are particular oral skills taught in the programme of International Studies. Click on a particular skill to find out in which courses you will develop this skill, categorized by the following learning phases:

  1. Getting acquainted with;
  2. Practicing with;
  3. Reflecting on; 
  4. Mastering.

Phase 1: Global History, Cultural Studies
Phase 2: Area Culture, Area History (duo presentation), Area Politics (presentation), Area Economics (presentation)
Phase 3: Cultural Interaction (poster presentation), Global Political Economy, International Relations, Philosophy of Science (participation in group discussion)
Phase 4: PRINS (pitches)

Phase 1: All Tutorials (Socratic method)
Phase 2: Sociolingistics (class debate), Research Methods (specialist in discussion)
Phase 3: Thematic Seminar (large specialised discussion)
Phase 4: PRINS (joint discussions)

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