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As a programme we are constantly trying to improve. The results of the National Students Survey (NSE) pointed out that students would like to see improvement on the preparation for the labour market. To ensure improvement a couple of projects have been set up.

Main project

The goal of the main project is to ensure that International Studies has a suitable system of labour market preparation, that involves and activates students. Output from surveys and sounding board sessions with both students and alumni gave direction for improvements to be made. All this has been included in a report. Currently a project team is implementing the recommendations described in the report.

Report on Labour Market Preparation - BA International Studies


Students as Partners: Innovating Education through Action Research

If you have good ideas on how the university can be improved, please consider joining the course Students As Partners (StAP) project. The aim of this StAP project is to improve the student experience for yourself and the entire University. In this course, students work to improve a part of university life, together with teachers and other internal stakeholders.

StAP Project example: The dots of student life

Many students wonder how to best present themselves within the fast-changing labour market, using the skills they develop at university. Previously, four International Studies students worked on a StAP project to improve the labour market preparation for their fellow students: The dots of student life. Emmelien Somsen, Inès Castagnet, Mansi Lam and Thiago Souza Machado wanted to find a way to support students to develop a better understanding of how the skills they learned within their programme are applicable in their future careers.

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