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Latin America

Read here the stories of our students who went to a country in the area of Latin America for their internship.

Internship smiles #11

Gaby van de Wal is managing events for international students and doing photography for BAIS Argentina in Buenos Aires.

She was asked to also head the audiovisual team, so she is developing her leadership and cross-cultural skills while increasing her proficiency in Spanish.

See the promo video she produced!

Internship smiles #17

Daniella Muller is interning at Fundación Alerta Verde in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She is coordinating a project with school garden which she supervises and visits three times a week.

She teaches workshops related to urban agriculture, safe and sustainable water use and biofertilizers. She is also building 3D dehydrators and writing an instruction guide for conserving food.

Her work is dynamic and with a lot of input and freedom and she is constantly speaking Spanish!

Internship smiles #3

Sophie Pizzimenti is interning at RioOnWatch in Rio de Janeiro. She learnt about this community medium during the Intro to Area Studies course, covering megasport events, the favelas and perception.

Sophie visited a conference to report: “Is It War?” A Debate on the Language About Violence in Favelas - have a look here.

Internship smiles #10

Isabella Götzen is interning at Central Dos Sindicatos Brasileiros - Csb, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Her research for this trade union takes her across Brazil, meeting unions and politicians in Fortaleza, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Gramado and Manaus, where she conducts interviews in Portuguese!

She is anticipating the effects of the upcoming reforms imposed by President Temer which will supposedly increase the informal sector, which is the topic of her internship paper.

Internship smiles #15

Esmée Dijt is a Communications and Development intern at VE Global that fosters the positive development of children at social risk in Chile.

Not only is Esmée working on fundraising, alliances with NGO's, social media and marketing, she is also a volunteer and gives workshops to children in residential homes.

This relatively new NGO is also actively discussing its organizational structure to which Esmée can contribute through her internship assignments. Overall, she is enjoying further developing her language proficiency, interpersonal and time management skills!

Internship smiles #4

Océane Girault is interning at The Peace Project - El Proyecto de Paz in Nicaragua. She is now giving shape to empowerment workshops for girls and boys aimed at gender equality and creating inclusive societies.

This is part of community development of the NGO in La Laguna de Apoyo - learn more about it here.

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