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After graduation

Our goal as a bachelor's programme is to see all our students graduate and move on to either a master's programme, or the labour market. Here you can gain insight in what our alumni did after graduating, what options Leiden University offers you and how you can stay in touch as soon as you become on of our much appreciated alumni.

Alumni stories

Are you curious where BA International Studies alumni end up? We have asked them to give a little insight in their lives after they graduated from International Studies. You might be surprised by the variety of their stories: Alumni dreams

Would you like to meet with an alumnus or alumna in person to hear what he or she did after gradution and why? Then take a look at the Leiden University Mentor Network website. Through this online mentor network you can contact more experienced alumni easily. 

Career paths

From the Alumni dreams Dr. Sarita Koendjbiharie has distilled Career paths. These are paths of our alumni after graduation in the areas of work and master choices. Whether you already know what you want to do after International Studies or not, these career paths can give you inspiration and direction.

Master programmes

Curious what master’s programmes Leiden University’s Faculty of Humanities has to offer students of International Studies? Check out this webpage and find out which choices you need to make in order to be directly admissible to one of our MA programmes. 

On this page you can find a list with examples of MA programmes outside Leiden University that students chose to do after graduating from International Studies.

Alumni opportunities

Will you be graduating soon? Fantastic! Make sure you take a look at this Alumni page to see how you can stay in touch or even contribute if you like.

Career Services for Alumni

Did you know that as an alumnus/alumna you can make use of the Career Services for career guidance for up to one year after graduation?

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