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Organizational Theory, Culture and Behavior

The course Organizational Theory, Culture and Behavior has been designed to prepare students for an internship. But even if you are not planning on doing an internship the course can be very interesting. Especially for those interested in management and organizations, such as students aiming to do a Master's in Management or Public Administration.

Course content

The purpose of this course is to enrich students’ understanding of organizational life which is done by building on two disciplines that specialize in studying organizations: organization theory and organizational behavior. Organization theory draws on the sciences, the humanities, and the arts. The topics covered are culture, technology, structure and design and congruency with the external environment. Organizational behavior deals with topics such as ethics, diversity, motivation, attribution, communication and leadership. This discipline explores the behavior, attitudes and performance of individuals and groups within organizations.

The full course description and important information can be found in the e-Prospectus.

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