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In addition to acquiring knowledge, you will develop all kinds of skills during your International Studies career. Find out how you will develop your skills here and what you can do to even further develop them!

Skills training in the programme

As can be seen on the courses page, the curriculum of the programme is structured in a way that courses follow each other in a logical manner. However, there is also a logical development of skills, which is less visible in the e-prospectus or other guides. In their development of skills, students are guided through four phases, which can roughly be described as:

  1. Getting acquainted with;
  2. Practicing with;
  3. Reflecting on; 
  4. Mastering.

Which skills?

Skills that are taught in the programme are so-called transferable skills, meaning skills that will be useful not just in the courses that you are following, but also after that in your professional life. These skills are trained throughout the programme. In the menu on the left you can find the skills you will develop when following the International Studies curriculum:

Choose a particular skill in the menu to get more information about it and to find out in which courses the skill is trained.

Skills training next to your studies

Next to the programme, Leiden University offers many other ways to improve your skills, specifically career skills, but also transferable skills. Find out more about training career skills, like writing an application letter or networking, here. Looking for other ways to develop certain transferable skills? Then browse through the Career Route Planner

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