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For Organisations

Why would an organisation want to work with students of the BA International Studies programme?

Winning characteristics

In a world that presents increasingly complex business issues, organisations understand the strengths young and adventurous International Studies students can bring to a business case:

  • Open, free and creative thinking, generating novel solutions

  • Knowledge and expertise related to specific areas of the world

  • Access to the latest research and academic insights from Leiden University

  • Enthusiasm, energy and determination to find the best solution

Sarita Koendjbiharie
Dr. Sarita Koendjbiharie

Participate in Practising International Studies?

With Leiden University's strong guidance, students of International Studies conduct research and provide organizations with a supply of fresh and innovative ideas! Advice on food security, refugee integration, LGBT inclusion or sustainable economic development - you name it.

Organizations including the World Food Programme, European Space Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unilever, Samsung, Damco and Shell have experienced the value of recommendations and implement selected ideas into their practice.

Maria Gabriela Palacio Ludeña
Dr. Maria Gabriela Palacio Ludeña

Interested in putting young minds on your international challenge?

Let's discuss! Get in touch with Dr. Sarita Koendjbiharie and Dr Maria Gabriela Palacio Ludeña

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