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Sustainability in Education

Check this page regularly for more information about incorporating sustainability within the education of Leiden University.

Not only should we prepare students for a world with climate change, we should also prepare them for a labor market where knowledge about sustainability is needed. At LUGO, we believe that it is crucial to structurally integrate sustainability into the education of our University. This goes further than just those following a study in Environmental Science, or Governance of Sustainability. We believe that for every program, there is a relation to sustainability. Our goal is to make sure that all students get the opportunity to include sustainability in their curriculum, via regular courses, electives or a lecture series.

Not only is LUGO convinced that students should get more opportunities to engage with sustainability in their studies, students are as well. LUGO conducted research into sustainability in education under Leiden University students through a representative survey. We found that the majority of students think that sustainability remains too undiscussed in their study, and want sustainability to be more structurally integrated into their curricula. If you are interested in the results of our surveys, read the reports for the University, and per Faculty.

If you want to know more, or have something to say, feel free to contact us!


Leiden University students believe that their study programs should pay more attention to sustainability. This is evident from a representative survey of more than 550 students, conducted by the Leiden University Green Office in collaboration with Goodrise.

The survey asked students about how they see the role of the university in integrating and promoting sustainability. More than three quarters of the students surveyed agree or fully agree that Leiden University should play an active role in this. Students are more often dissatisfied than satisfied with the extent to which the theme of sustainability is reflected in their study program. They indicate that they consider attention to sustainability issues important and would like to learn more about this.

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