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Leiden Sustainable City Map

The Sustainable City Map serves as a comprehensive guide to achieve a sustainable lifestyle within the city. Whether you’re new in town or just looking to make greener choices, this map has something for everyone!

Leiden Sustainable City Map
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What is the city map?

LUGO created a digital city map of Leiden indicating sustainable places like 

  • grocery stores
  • restaurants and cafés
  • clothing & jewelry boutiques
  • personal care product stores
  • book shops
  • and more!

So that you can make a conscious decision.

How to use it

  • The different types of locations are indicated through a variety of emojies. 
  • Simply click on the desired category or shop icon for detailed information.
  • You can also get directions to find your way easily.

If you are going to buy something, let’s try to make it a better choice for you and the planet!

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