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Faculty Report

The aim of this project is to get a clear overview of sustainability efforts being made within the faculties, as well as making lasting connections with and between university staff and students involved in these efforts. The Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) aims to play a connecting role in this process, acting as a central hub of information with an overview of these processes.

The reasons for undertaking the project

Sustainable initiatives as of now are fragmented, and many people involved in these are not aware of other initiatives within the university. We have attempted to get in contact with most of these initiatives as well as other key figures in the transition process towards a sustainable university. This report summarizes our most important findings, functioning as a guide for anyone within the university of Leiden who wishes to know more about the current sustainability movement.
This report is intended as a dynamic document that will be continually updated and will be supplemented by the successive LUGO board members. It is important to note that the information within this project is mostly gathered from the knowledge and opinions of staff members, and therefore should be interpreted as such rather than a report based purely on diligently researched numbers and facts. 

With this project, we aim to develop a long-term solution to keep initiatives and key stakeholders connected over the coming years. 

If you have any recommendations for people to speak with or if you're aware of any sustainability initiatives we haven't yet engaged with, please us know!

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