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Welcome to Leiden University Green Office!

The Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) is working hard to make Leiden University more sustainable. We want to achieve this by reducing the ecological footprint of our University and by creating awareness about sustainability amongst staff and students.

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Meet the Team

LUGO Storyline

Leiden University is one of Europe’s leading international research universities, guiding both staff and students alike to aspire to be the change-makers of tomorrow. Sustainability has become a growing area of concern not only for governments, but also for us, citizens.

A leading institution like Leiden University can effectively utilize its research in such a way in which significant impact is achieved not solely in research and in-university operations, but also in areas such as climate change and sustainability in the external world. As such, there is vast untapped potential with regard to Leiden University becoming the most sustainable university in the Netherlands. To achieve this goal, however, unity between the entire Leiden University community, staff and students included, is key. The Leiden University Green Office is not only doing their utmost best to create awareness of and knowledge about sustainability among university students and staff, but also contribute to the reduction of the ecological footprint of the university. We, as members of the Leiden University community, deserve to work and live in an environment that is sustainable and can be conserved for our future generations. Let Leiden University and its community lead, as key players in tackling the global challenge of sustainability.



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