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Coffee Cups Petition

Leiden University uses enormous amounts of disposable cups every day.

The university has about 34,000 students and 5,000 employees. If all of these drink coffee twice a day, about 80,000 cups are used daily. At best, these disposable cups are 'downcycled' into toilet paper. 

A more sustainable alternative is using reusable cups. These cups can be used hundreds of times and are therefore better for the environment.

With a deposit on these cups, the reusability can be used even more often.

A small pre-pilot is being started within the Leiden University Law Faculty. But this is not enough to address the issue of disposable cups at our university. 

The Leiden University Green Office therefore advocates for: 

  • Reusable cups in the restaurants and cafes; 
  • Reusable cups in the coffee machines; 
  • Deposit on the reusable cups; 
  • Disposable cups completely phased out on all our campuses. 

 This must be arranged no later than 1 July 2023

Sign our petition with the following link: here.

Some photos of the launch of the petition can be found below.

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