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Young Hae Choi

Associate professor at the Natural Products Laboratory, Institute of Biology, Leiden University - the Netherlands


Young graduated on College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University in 1992. In 2000, he received PhD diploma from the same university. The title of his PhD thesis is ‘Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Nitrogen-Containing Natural Products’. After two years of post-doc experience working at the application of mass spectrometry to the identification of natural products, he moved to Leiden University, the Netherlands (the present position). In the last five years, he developed a quantitative and qualitative NMR spectroscopic method for the analysis of plant secondary metabolites in mixtures for use in further metabolomics approach. After this analytical approach, diverse plant model systems were investigated for the application of metabolomics in plant physiology and ecology. For example, tobacco–TMV (tobacco mosaic virus), Brassica–insects (to distinguish the effect of generalist and specialist), Senecio– thrips, signal molecules (salicylic acid, jasmonate, and benzothiadiazole)–Brassica, Arabidopsis, and Catharanthus–phytoplasma were studied. Also, the developed NMR-based plant metabolomics was employed for chemotaxonomy (Ilex species, Cannabis varieties, and Strychnos species) and integration of metabolite data of medicinal plants and their bioactivity. 

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