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16th International Metabolomics Workshop

The Basics and Applications to Plant Sciences will be held physical. See below for more information.

Why Metabolomics

Metabolomics is the 'systematic study of the unique chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes leave behind' (Bennet, 2005). Recently, metabolomics is becoming an important tool in the life sciences. Whether in plant, man, bacteria or yeast, metabolomics focuses on metabolic pathways and processes, as well as on specific compounds and relate them to growth, development, stress, disease, environmental changes etc. Metabolomics plays an important role nowadays e.g. in studies of plant interactions with other plants, insects and diseases or in quality control of food or medicine.

Metabolomics is an indispensable technique in modern system biology and we are delighted to bring experts together in this special workshop.


  • 2 - 5 April 2024: Main Workshop 1
  • 8 - 12 April 2024: Main Workshop 2
  • 15 - 19 April 2024: Basic structure elucidation of primary metabolites by NMR (optional)

Format of lectures

  • The hands-on course will be on-site but only for the participants who are allowed to work in the Institute of Biology of Leiden University (this plan may be changed under some circumstances)
  • A short video of some hands-on lectures will be provided to the participants who are not able to join on site

Topics included

  • Primary and Secondary Metabolism in Plants
  • Analytical Techniques: Chromatography, MS and NMR
  • Statistics: Basics of Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Applications in Plant Sciences and Systems Biology

Who can apply?

The workshop targets researchers who are experienced in the isolation and identification of natural products but have not yet had experience with metabolomics. Whilst it is popular amongst PhD students, any professional who would like to learn about metabolomics is welcome. It is not necessary to have a background in plant science to register for this course.

What you will gain?

The goal of the workshop is to introduce the concept of systems biology as an observation-based approach rather than a hypothesis-based approach. The major tools are the omics. The final goal is to match the genes with the metabolites; this means to map the networks at the level of the DNA and RNA, proteins and small molecules. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to discuss your own research and the possible use of metabolomics with fellow participants and lecturers.

This workshop also aims to motivate professionals and to spark their enthusiasm for interesting field studies and applications. We believe that our workshop provides a sound platform for taking off into the metabolomics world. 

Registration fee

The workshop registration fee is €300 to cover all the three weeks.

Registration deadline

The registration deadline is 15 March 2024.

Organising committee

Young Hae Choi
Barbora Pomahacova
Robert Verpoorte


Please be aware that, unless you have made other arrangements with us, those who have not confirmed registration with payment may forfeit their spot.


Registration via email


After your registration you will be asked via email to fill up an invoice form and will be sent an invoice. 

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