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The Werkgroep Leidse Sterrewacht (WLS) is an amateur association that, in addition to organising public activities, is also heavily involved in maintaining the historical telescopes in the Old Observatory.

For anyone who has always wanted to work with telescopes, but never got there, becoming a member of the WLS is an excellent way to get that experience.



At the WLS, many people are active who have years of experience in making and using telescopes. It is also for this reason that the WLS carries out a lot of maintenance on the historical telescopes.

In order to demonstrate the telescopes, the WLS organizes the Evening at the Observatory every month. For only €4, a short lecture can be followed and (if weather permits) looking through a telescope. The WLS also organises open days several times a year. On these days there are all kinds of special activities to participate in.

Membership at the WLS only costs €15 per year.

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