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L.A.D. F. Kaiser

The Leids Astronomisch Dispuut F. Kaiser is an association dedicated to the students who study astronomy in Leiden. In addition, they are also very involved in the public activities in the Old Observatory and help with the development and implementation of other projects in the building.

Astronomy is a challenging and busy study. Kaiser therefore organises activities and outings so that students (of different years) can socialize. Of course, all these activities have an astronomical touch.

Students are selected by Kaiser to become tour guides and custodians at the Old Observatory. We think it is important that our tour guides are not only enthusiastic about astronomy, but also have sufficient knowledge of the subject matter.

Finally, Kaiser also assists in organising the major events that take place in the Old Observatory. Example are the Museum Night or the Night of Art and Knowledge. Kaiser also organises events themselves such as the spring lectures.

Kaiser board 2017 2018
The board of Kaiser 2017-18. From left to right: Kira Strelow, Julia Wasala, Vikram Radhakrishnan, John Hefele and Rutger Rijnenberg
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