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JWG Leiden

The Jeugdwerkgroep is a national astronomy association for young people who are interested in astronomy. The Leiden section organizes a monthly meeting in the Old Observatory Leiden.

Activities for young and less young

For everyone between 8 and 21 years old there is something to do at the JWG Leiden. Every month there is a meeting in the Old Observatory in which an astronomical subject is discussed. Such a meeting lasts from 19:30 to 21:00 and consists of a lecture and workshops related to the theme.

In addition to these monthly activities, several camps are organized each year. Some examples of this are the Easter, winter and summer camps. During these camps you will learn about all kinds of different topics in astronomy: from black holes to planets. There is also the opportunity to observe stars with telescopes.

Finally, members are also sent home the magazine Universum, which in 40 pages presents the most important news, interesting facts, and announcements of the association.

Want to become a member? This is possible for €29 per year and €14 for each additional family member. Members receive a quarterly copy of Universum magazine and are free to all monthly activities of the JWG. In addition, they receive a discount when registering for the different camps!

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