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Studium Generale & YAL

YAL now has its own lecture series! In collaboration with Studium Generale, we organise ‘Young Academy Leiden lectures'.

In this new, lively lecture series, YAL members and other young researchers from Leiden University present the latest insights from their research field to a wider audience.

The Young Academy Leiden lecture series serves as a stage for young scientists who are passionate about science communication and outreach. The lectures cover a variety of topics but have in common that they are given by young researchers who discuss innovative and cutting-edge research and its implications for today’s society. 

The lecture series starts in February 2020. For more information about the upcoming lectures, see the overview below. Please note that most lectures will be in Dutch.  

Young Academy Leiden lectures

For more information, see Studium Generale & YAL

For more information, see Studium Generale & YAL

For more information, see Studium Generale & YAL

About Studium Generale

Studium Generale organises broad academic activities, such as lectures, symposia, movie screenings, and debates.

The programme of Studium Generale is intended for students, Leiden University staff members, and everybody else who is interested. Studium Generale wants to raise greater interest in science, to give more insight in the coherence between different sciences, to contribute to cultural and social development, and to develop a better understanding of the relationship between science and society. 

Past Lectures

For more information see, Studium Generale & YAL

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