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Young Academy Leiden Outreach Grant: call for proposals

The Young Academy Leiden (YAL) is inviting proposals for the outreach grant.

This call invites proposals up to a value of €1000. While the call is open to proposals on any topic or theme, priority will be given to proposals related to combatting misinformation.

The criteria on which projects will be assessed are:

  • the project helps foster connections between scholars (across disciplines) and between academics and non-academics (40%);
  • the project helps the professional development of the main applicant (an Early Career scholar) through the acquisition of new skills/knowledge gained by working on the project (40%);
  • the project activities help combat misinformation, either directly or through the production of practical knowledge (20%).

What can be funded?

Applicants may request up to 1000 (one thousand) euros to support them in their outreach or science communication activities. Possible activities that can be (partially) reimbursed are (but are not restricted to): training in science communication, web hosting or design, employing a student assistant, or organizing events, lectures or masterclasses. Note that the requested budget may be used to fund future activities or to extend or maintain existing outreach activities. We ask that the proposal provides a clear description of the activity, as well as a full budget overview.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be employed at Leiden University or the Leiden University Medical Center at the time of application and for the duration of the outreach project. The main applicant must be an Early Career scholar (until approximately 8 years after obtaining a PhD).


Although an old problem, the rapid speed of modern communications and the broad reach of social media makes it easier for misinformation and disinformation to be spread by unwitting or malicious actors. This has a number of negative consequences, including but not limited to: the difficulty in distinguishing between genuine and false information; the undermining of trust in social institutions; the creation of separate informational realities which make an effective and shared public square impossible; and an increase in marginalization and discrimination.

While the call is not restricted to proposals that explicit tackling the combatting of mis- and disinformation, we prioritize proposals that aim to combat misinformation or to increase our understanding of how it is generated, spread, or can be combated. The proposed project may address misinformation either generally or in a specific case, but should have value to society, rather than purely benefiting a particular individual or organization.

Application procedure

Combine the following information into one pdf-file and send it to youngacademy@bb.leidenuniv.nl by Monday, April 25th, 2022:

1. Short description of the activity, and how the activity addresses the assessment criteria (1,000 words)

2. Names and affiliations of the applicant(s)

3. Budget for the activity + requested amount

Assessment procedure

Applications will be assessed by a committee consisting of members of the Young Academy Leiden. A decision will be made by the end of May 2022.

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