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Night of Discoveries

The Night of Discoveries is an annual event in Leiden, focusing on science and culture. The Young Academy Leiden is a recurring contributor to the Night of Discoveries.

The Night of Discoveries & YAL 2023

Young Academy Leiden (YAL) will be represented at the Night of Discoveries 2023. This event will take place at September 16, in the evening (area: Leiden Academy Building and Hortus Botanicus). This year, we hope to have an interesting program, where young academics from Leiden can tell the story of their research to a broad audience. By means of filling in this form, you indicate your potential interest to filling in one of these slots (but you don't commit to anything). We will reach out to you, so we can schedule a meeting to elaborate on the exact audience and other details. Please leave your contact details here, so we can get in touch with you.

The Night of Discoveries will be held on Saturday September 16th. Please visit the NoD website for additional information.

The Night of Discoveries & YAL 2022

Young Academy Leiden’s interactive escape box                               Discover the rich history of Leiden University by playing this interactive escape box. Members of the Young Academy Leiden have joined forces to develop a group escape game that puts various scientific disciplines in the spotlights. Join and try to solve brain teasers and challenging puzzles. The eight puzzles are all about groundbreaking discovers of Leiden scientists and one by one bring you closer to the denouement, a key moment in the history of the university. This interactive escape room experience is for anyone who would like to learn about Leiden University and her greatest scientists in a playful manner.

Night of Discoveries & YAL 2019

The Young Academy Leiden contributed to the Night of Discoveries 2019, which took place on September 21st. At our stand, visitors could test their knowledge and attitudes in the domain of the three themes of our Next444 project: Data & Technology, Sustainability, and Equality, Fairness & Justice.

To create awareness regarding sustainability, we allowed visitors to calculate their ecological footprint. Visitors could also test how gender (un)biased they are via an implicit bias test. Another game asked visitors to distinguish real faces from AI-generated faces.

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