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The Academic Language Centre provides a wide range of English courses. The courses differ with regard to level, content and frequency.

These courses deal with all language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are discussed thoroughly. The courses are practical and are aimed at making use of the language. At each level two different courses are on offer, which can be taken consecutively and in random order. Depending on the result of the final test you may continue with the next course of the same level or with a course of a higher level. 

Summer Courses

During the summer the Academic Language Centre offers intensive English courses. These courses are taught during the daytime and consists of 15 sessions of 3 hours in three weeks.

Course starts

Enrolment starts 

February 1 November
June 1 April
August 1 May
September 1 July

The Academic Language Centre offers several courses aimed at the use of English in an academic context. There are separate courses for students and members of staff.

For bachelor and masters students

The Language Centre offers an English Language Assessment for bachelor and masters students who may be interested in participating in an Exchange Program or would want to start an English taught MA program. 

For academics, scientists, PhDs 

The Language Centre provides a wide range of courses aimed at Leiden University lecturers and PhDs. Courses are also open to scientists/academics from outside the Universtiy.


The Professional English courses include courses such as Teaching in English and Business English. There are open registration courses as well as custom-made courses, which can be organised at the Language Centre or in-company.

Teaching in English

Most teachers are quite capable of having a conversation in English. It's something entirely different to stand in front of a live audience of inquisitive students and deliver your teaching effectively. That requires other and different skills. To prepare for the challenge, teachers and lecturers can take the Teaching in English course, which has been developed by the Academic Language Centre and is constantly adapted to the actual demands of the practice of teaching. For further enquiries, please contact mr. S. Cheng, 071-527 41 51 (not on Wednesday afternoon), or by email atc.maatwerk@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Business English

The practical Business English course is designed to help prepare people who need to work in an increasingly international environment, where English is more important than ever. Business issues such as phone calls, letters, emails and applying for a job are taught and trained. The course also reviews the most important grammar points and addresses speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. For further enquiries, please contact mr. S. Cheng, 071-527 41 51 (not on Wednesday afternoon), or by email atc.maatwerk@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

The Academic Language Centre is specialised in Financial English. This includes custom-made language courses for financial policy officers, accountants, controllers and financial staff. The courses address common written and verbal  errors in communication.

Are you curious about why the sentences below are incorrect? To find out, please contact us: atc.maatwerk@hum.leidenuniv.nl

The increase of inflation will cause us to rise prices.
When have you started to work for this company?
We look forward to meet you.
If I would have known the result of this workshop, I would not have gone.
We want to go to the meeting of the CEO's.

In addition to the regular program of open registration courses there is a number of courses that have been taught in the past and can be organised on demand, either at the Language Centre or in-company.

Over the years, the Academic Language Centre has developed and delivered several group courses to improve the English language skills of Leiden University staff and students or outside parties. These courses are still available and can be organised as custom-made courses, either at the Language Centre or in-company. Outline, content and frequency can be adapted according to the client's wishes. The minimum number of participants is 6. For more information, please contact: Mr. S. Cheng 071-527 41 51 (not on Wednesday afternoon)

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