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Terms and conditions of enrolment, payment and cancellation

Terms and conditions of enrolment, payment and cancellation for open registration language courses organised by the Academic Language Centre.

Entrance test

Before enrolling, you have to take an entrance test. This test will take approximately one hour. You do not have to take the entrance test if you want to register for:

  • a level 1 course (except English)
  • the next level of a course successfully completed at the Language Centre

Click here for more information about the entrance test.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you have taken a Dutch course at the Academic Language Centre and you did not pass the final exam, you cannot register for the next level course on the basis of an intake test.


You can enrol online.

If your employer or another organisation is paying for the course for you, an invoice can be arranged. Your employer or organisation has to fill in the payment details on the enrolment form: Enrollment form for Employer or Agency


Conditions of Enrolment

  1. You cannot enrol for a course which is full, but we can put your name on the waiting list for that course.

  2. For a number of courses, an entrance test is obligatory (see the website). These tests can be taken online, or they can be downloaded from the website.
  3. Some courses have a reduced rate. Those who wish to apply for this rate must show or enclose a copy of their Leiden University ID card when enrolling. University employees should state which department they work for.
  4. It is possible to make an agreement with the Academic Language to register for a course later than the starting date indicated. In such cases, the full course fee will be charged. 

Conditions of Cancellation

Cancellation by the student
  • Only written cancellations will be accepted ( talencentrum@hum.leidenuniv.nl).  
  • Cancelling up to 7 days before the starting date of the course, cancellation costs are € 40,- Euro.
  • Cancelling within 6 days before the starting date of the course, cancellation costs are 50% of the course fee.
  • No refunds are given in cases where participation is cancelled on, or after, the date on which the course starts.
Cancellation by the Language Centre
  • The Academic Language Centre reserves the right to cancel courses before the starting date.
  • In cases where the Language Centre cancels a course, the whole course fee will be returned.
  • Deferment of enrolment until the next, or subsequent, course periods is not permitted.
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