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English Language Assessment for BA and MA students

As a bachelor student you may be planning to go abroad on an Exchange Programme or you may be planning to register for an English taught Master’s Degree Programme after your Bachelor’s programme. In order to assess what your current level of English is, you are invited to complete an Online Oxford Quick Placement Test.

Taking the test

If you are interested in taking this online test, please register by clicking ' Registration' on the right hand side of the page. Please ignore the date (24/12) indicated.

After receiving your payment we will send you login details for the test within 5 days of receipt. After receiving the link you need to do the test within 14 days. Finally we will contact you with your test results and provide a certificate that states your level.

Please note:
The Oxford Quick Placement Test assesses your language skills. It is not a test like TOEFL or IELTS and the result can therefore not be used as a formal replacement for these tests. The test result cannot be used as a formal entrance requirement for your Master’s Degree Program at Leiden University. It is intended to give an indication of whether or not you are able to take an English-taught Master’s Degree Program.

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