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Translation & editing

The Academic Language Centre interpreting and translation service has extensive experience in translating to and from Dutch and English. Our services are characterised by professionalism, quality, and reliability.


We offer efficient and competent translation of all types of documents, both academic and non-academic, ranging from PhD theses to correspondence, project documentation, training manuals and technical handbooks.

Editing and proofreading

If you have translated your text to Dutch or English yourself, we can proofread, edit, and revise it for you. The proofreading and editing is done by native speakers, who will, of course, bear in mind your personal style and target audience.

DeepL editing

More and more people are using DeepL or other software for their translations. That’s a great idea, but there are some particular areas where DeepL falls short, such as idiomatic expressions, consistency of vocabulary, and extrapolating complex sentences, to name just a few. These are often things that don’t get noticed by people who are themselves not so proficient in English. Having your DeepL texts professionally edited is therefore a wise move.

The Academic Language Centre offers a post-editing service for texts translated using such online programmes. The texts will be edited by a native English speaker and, depending on the length of the texts, they can generally be turned around quickly.

For post-editing, just send a mail to TranslationServices@hum.leidenuniv.nl, including both the source text and the translated text, and let us put the finishing touches to your translations.


Our rates are based on a number of factors which include the type of text, the size of the document and the deadline.

The standard rate for translations is €0,21 per word for clients within Leiden University. No VAT is charged for internal clients. For external clients the rate is € 0,25 per word and VAT will be charged.

For editing there is an hourly rate of € 75 per hour for internal clients and €95 per hour for external clients. VAT will be charged for external clients. A different rate applies for DeepL editing.

Urgent requests

  • Within 24 hours (and no more than 2 pages): standard rate + 30%
  • Within 2 days (and no more than 4 pages): standard rate + 20%

Longer documents: standard rate plus 20%, depending on the deadline, capacity and availability of translators at that time.

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