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Sustainability Network

The Leiden University Sustainability Network is the platform for Leiden University staff to combine their efforts and support each other in making our university more sustainable.

Staff can provide ideas for a more sustainable Leiden University in terms of campus facilities, education, and research. They can also reach out to colleagues to build their network, start collaborations, and share sustainability-related work updates. The network is located on Microsoft Teams. 

The Sustainability Network is open for all staff members and members of co-participation that work on or are interested in sustainability, either professionally or personally. Both academic and support staff are welcome. 

How do I become a member of the Sustainability Network? 

Please click the following link or the banner to your right to join the Sustainability Network. This takes less than a minute.

I'm a student – can I become a member too? 

The Sustainability Network is intended for Leiden University staff. We make exceptions for students that are part of a Programme Committee, Faculty Council, or the University Council, as well as assessors. In other cases, please contact Lara Wille to explain your motivation to become a member. 

I'm not involved with sustainability professionally, can I still join? 

Yes. We also welcome ideas from new angles and would like to involve all Leiden University staff in making the university more sustainable. 

I would like to learn more about this initiative. Who can I contact? 

The Sustainability Network is an initiative by Leiden University Green Office and supported by the Centre for Innovation. For questions, please contact Lara Wille or Soem Zeijlmans.

What is Leiden University Green Office? 

The Green Office (LUGO) is the sustainability-department of Leiden University. LUGO works to make Leiden University more sustainable in terms of education, research, and campus facilities, and fosters a culture of sustainability in the university community. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

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