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The Steering Committee

Strategic direction of the Europe Hub lies with a Steering Committee, composed of members from several Leiden University faculties. The Steering Committee addresses questions such as overall vision, staffing, communications, budget, outputs and impact.

  • Stefaan Van den Bogaert Professor European Law

    Stefaan Van den Bogaert (1973) became Professor of European Law and Director of the Europa Institute at Leiden University in 2009.

    Van den Bogaert also lectures in European Sports Law on the Postgraduate Sports Management programme at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is a member of the editorial board of the Common Market Law Review and is also a staff member of the Nederlands Juristenblad (Netherlands Law Journal).

  • Armin Cuyvers Professor European Law

    Armin Cuvyers is full Professor of European Law at the Europa Institute of Leiden University, where he holds the chair in EU Constitutional Law and Comparative Regional Integration. He is also Director of CompaRe, the Leiden Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Comparative Regional Integration and the Programme Director for all master's specialisations at the faculty. He previously was a visiting researcher at a.o. Berkeley, Stanford, Sydney University, Hastings Law School and Bilgi, as well as a visiting fellow at the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) the in-house think tank of the European Commission President. His research focusses on European constitutional law, sovereignty, Brexit, (con)federalism and monetary integration, often in a comparative perspective and in collaboration with social psychologists to integrate their empirical insights into EU law.

  • Maxine David University Lecturer

    Dr Maxine David is a Lecturer in European Studies at Leiden University. She is a Foreign Policy analyst, specialising in Russian and EU foreign policy. She has co-edited and contributed to a number of special issues and edited collections on EU-Russia relations. Maxine also researches and has published on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

  • Vincent Delhomme Assistant professor

    Vincent teaches various courses at bachelor’s and master’s level, mostly focused on EU internal market law and the constitutional aspects of EU law.

    Vincent obtained his PhD in law from UCLouvain in Belgium, with a dissertation entitled ‘Regulating lifestyle risks in EU law: Promoting health in a diverse market’, under the supervision of Prof. Anne-Lise Sibony. Vincent’s research focuses on the regulation of the EU internal market, with a strong focus on the public management of health and environmental risks.

  • Antoaneta Dimitrova Professor Comparative Governance

    Antoaneta Dimitrova's research brings together different lines of inquiry relating to governance transfer across national borders. An enduring theme in her work has been the effect of the European Union on the democratic and market transformations of the post-communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. Other key themes are EU enlargement, currently focusing on the EU’s strategy towards the Western Balkan candidates. Another theme in her research inquires into the causes of democratic backsliding and especially role of state capture. With various colleagues she has been investigating the European Union’s Neighbourhood policy towards its Eastern neighbours – Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova in particular.

  • André Gerrits Professor of International Studies and Global Politics

    André Gerrits is Professor of International Studies and Global Politics at the Institute for History of the Faculty of Humanities.

    At Leiden University Gerrits co-developed and chaired the BA International Studies (2012-2016), the MA International Relations (2011-2016) and the BA Urban Studies (2018-2021). He currently chairs the Research Committee of the Faculty of Humanities and the Supervisory Committee of the Roosevelt Chair.

  • Seda Gürkan Assistant professor

    Seda Gürkan is Assistant Professor in European Approaches to Security, Diplomacy and Global Affairs at Leiden University’s Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA). She is also an Affiliated Fellow and Professor at the Department of Political Science and the Institute for European Studies (IEE), at Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

  • Joachim Koops Professor of Security

    Joachim A. Koops is Chair of Security Studies and Scientific Director (WD) of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) at Leiden University’s campus in The Hague. His research focuses on Global Security Governance and the European Union’s foreign and security policies, the role of the United Nations, European Union, NATO (and their inter-organisational relations) in peace and security as well as crisis management, peacekeeping, the responsibility to protect (R2P) and the changing nature of diplomacy. In addition, Joachim is interested in issues of academic diplomacy as well as higher education innovation and reform.

  • Jorrit Rijpma Professor European Law

    Rijpma studied law at the European Law School in Maastricht and the College of Europe in Bruges. He defended his PhD at the European University Institute in Florence on the regulatory framework for the management of the external borders of the European Union. He conducted part of his research at the European border agency (Frontex) in Warsaw. He was a visiting professor at Koç University in Istanbul and Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

    Rijpma’s research focusses on cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs in Europe, the so-called Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. He looks in particular at the link between security and mobility and the institutional and technological developments in this field. He is also one of the Directors of the Faculty’s profile area on Interaction between Legal Systems (ILS), responsible for a research project on Maritime Security. Rijpma is a member of the Academic Executive Board of the Research Centre for Governance of Migration and Diversity (GMD), established within the framework of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities (LDE) cooperation.

  • Daniel Schade Assistant professor

    Daniel's research focuses on the European Union and its external relations regime, in particular. He is especially interested in how EU foreign policy is shaped by underlying administrative choices, how the EU operates within international organisations, as well as the challenges that Europeanisation pose for member state foreign ministries. Other areas of his research relate to the management of the EU's borders in their international context, the spitzenkandidaten process, as well as the role of parliaments in EU policy-making.

  • Daniel Thomas Professor of International Relations

    Daniel Thomas is Professor of International Relations in the Institute of Political Science. His current research focuses on how the EU innovates in response to unforeseen external developments that disturb the Union’s policies and institutions, including a multi-author project co-led with Karolina Pomorska and solo research on the EU’s opening to Ukraine. His past research explored the contribution of international human rights norms to the demise of Communism in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the role of substantive and procedural norms in EU foreign policy decision-making, and how the evolution of EU membership norms after 1957 shaped decision-making on the accession of neighbouring states. In 2002-2003, he worked in Brussels as advisor at the European Commission’s Directorate General for External Relations, focusing on human rights and the International Criminal Court.

  • Christina Luise Toenshoff Assistant professor

    Christina Toenshoff is an assistant professor of European politics and political economy at the Institute of Political Science. Her research focuses on comparative and international political economy of climate and environmental policy.

    Much of her research focuses on the role of interest groups and public opinion in shaping policy outcomes. Her most recent work examines how companies and associations lobby the European Union on climate policy. In the past, she has also conducted research on European integration and trade policy.

  • Dimiter Toshkov Associate Professor

    Dimiter Toshkov's main fields of research are European Union politics, comparative public policy, and research methodology. His earlier research focused on the implementation of EU law in the post-communist countries from Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Sarah Wolff Professor International Studies and Global Politics
  • Nikoleta Yordanova Associate professor

    Dr. Nikoleta Yordanova is Associate Professor in European Politics. Currently, she leads an international research consortium funded by the European NORFACE Network Governance Programme to complete the multi-disciplinary project Willingness and Capacity for EU Policy Action in Turbulent Times: Conflicts, Positions and Outcomes (EUINACTION). She also serves as Director of Studies at the Institute of Political Science.

    Dr. Nikoleta Yordanova specialises in the study of European Union and comparative legislative politics. Her research focuses on political institutions, legislative behaviour, policy-making, delegation and compliance as well as policy reforms under coalition governments in European parliamentary democracies.

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