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Previous Winners

On this page you can learn more about the history of our Faculty Awards and view the previous winners.

History of the prize

The Faculty of Science has been awarding yearly teaching prizes for outstanding teachers since 2000. Originally, for every bachelor’s programme, students from the educational committee selected a winner who received a prize of 500 euros for educational purposes. From 2007 onwards, this setup was changed. Like before, educational committees still select one teacher per programme, but now a jury is installed to choose one winner for the entire Faculty: our Teacher of the Year. 

The jury, comprising the chairpersons of the study associations and the assessor from the Faculty Board, assess each of the nominated lecturers. The students from the education committees advocate their nominee by giving a short presentation to the jury. In many instances, the asessments are a close call. In this case, the jury will attend one or more lecturers in order to reach a final decision.


Jaartal Naam Instituut
2011 Maurijn van der Zee IBL
2013 Tjerk Oosterkamp LION
2014 Dennis Claessen IBL
2015 Jeroen van Smeden LACDR
2016 Frank Takes LIACS
2017 Kristian Rietveld LIACS
2018 Stefano Cucurachi CML
2019 Fouzia Lghoul-Oulad Saïd LACDR
2020 Alexander van den Oudenhoven
Thomas Nagler
Jörg Meyer


2021 Maarten Schrama CML
2022 Michiel Brentjes Leiden Observatory
2023 Yamila Miguel Leiden Observatory

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The award

The Leiden Science Young Talent Award is awarded yearly to a student who completed their bachelor’s degree with an excellent thesis.

Previous winners

Year Student Study programme
2019 Maite Boden Physics and Astronomy
2020 Renske Donkers Molecular Science and Technology
2021 Rose Vossen Life Science and Technology
2022 Alex Colling Mathematics and Physics
2023 Dominique Lawson Mathematics and Computer Science


History of the prize

The C.J. Kok Jury award has been awarded to over a hundred talented young scientists, many of whom continued to become very successful in their profession. 

Since 1971
In the very first year, 1971, the prize was won by Rob Schilperoort, who later became a professor of biochemistry in Leiden, and a pioneer in modern plant biology. 

In the early years, the C.J. Kok Jury Award was awarded alternately to researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center and the Faculty of Science.

Harbinger of success?
Up until 2003, the C.J. Kok Jury Award had multiple recipients. Many prize winners continued their careers at our Faculty of Science or eventually returned here. Others became professors at other universities.


Year Winner Field
1971 J.F. Bol Chemistry
  R.A. Schilperoord Chemistry
  L. van Vloten-Doting Biology
1972 LUMC  
1973 F. Baars Physics
1974 LUMC  
1975 C.A. van 't Hof Physics
  F.C. Mijlhoff Chemistry
1976 B. van Leer Chemistry
1977 J.M. Mato de la PAz Biology
1978 M. Giphart-Gassler Chemistry
1979 G.J. Heckman Mathematics
  P.J.J. Hooykaas Chemistry
1980 N. van Dijk Physics
  M. Danhof Drug Research
  I. de Pater Astronomy
1981 R.A. Kastelein Chemistry
  E. Mazur Physics
  J.A.J. Metz Biology
1982 M. Bertsch Mathematics
  J.H. Evertse Mathematics
  P.J.M. Haastert Biology
1983 E. Otten Biology
  W.A.J.A. van der Poel Physics
  D.J. Singel Physics
  P.H. Schippers Chemistry
1984 C.W.J. Beenakker Physics
  T. Odijk Chemistry
  K. Rietveld Chemistry
1985 J.A. Pardoen Chemistry
  R.J.W. de Wit Biology
1986 J.E.M. Haverkort Physics
  E.M. Opdam Mathematics
  P. Schaap Biology
  A.W. van der Vaart Mathematics
  H.C.C. Werij Physics
1987 S.B. Angenent Mathematics
  H.J.M. de Groot Chemistry
1988 M. Franx Astronomy
  W.T. Giele Physics
  H.P. Spaink Biology
  S.M. Verduyn Lunel Mathematics
1989 J.F.B.M. Kraaijevanger Mathematics
  F.M. Spieksma Mathematics
  A.M. de Roos Biology
  A. van Waarde Biology
1990 E.M.M. van den Berg Chemistry
  B.W. Hoeksema Biology
  R.J.C. Spreeuw Physics
1991 H.T. Koelink Mathematics
  J.W. Mandema Drug Research
  A.M.P. Ros  Chemistry
1992 C.M. Lehr Drug Research
  J.M.A.M. Neerven Biology
  D. Reefman Physics
1993 K.J. in 't Hout Mathematics
  J.H.H. Kohler Physics
  R.P. van der Marel Astronomy
1994 M.F.H. Tol Chemistry
  R.A.C.A.M. Vorst Mathematics
1995 A.J.C. Bik Mathematics
  M.C. Spaans Astronomy
  B. van de Water Drug Research
1996 M. Marchevsky Physics
  R.C.L. Olsthoorn Chemistry
  P.C.N. Rensen Drug Research
1997 P.W. Brouwer Physics
  M.A. van Eikelenborg Physics
1998 E. Amerik Mathematics
  M.R. Hogerheijde Astronomy
  P.J. Nieuwenhuizen Chemistry
1999 A.C.J. Brouwer Physics
  N. Bruin Mathematics
  F.L.M. Menke Biology
2000 G.J.B. van den Berg Mathematics
  B. Gravendeel Biology
  A. Helmi Astronomy
  A.I. Yanson Physics
2001 P. Beldade Biology
  A.M. van Oijen Physics
  H. Ovaa Chemistry
2002 S. Barends Chemistry
  R.H.S. Smit Physics
  H.P. Zuideveld Drug Research
2003 B.L.M. Hendriksen Physics
2004 R. Offringa Biology
2005 E. Backus Chemistry
2006 J. Batenburg Mathematics
2007 M. Kriek Astronomy
2008 K. Ye Drug Research
2009 K. Oberg Astronomy
2010 Z. Zeravcic Physics
2011 A. Akhmerov Physics
2012 W. Halfwerk Biology
2013 Wouter Duivesteijn Computer Science
2014 M. Brogi Astronomy
2015 Nienke van der Marel Astronomy
  Koen van der Maaden Drug Research
2016 Changsheng Wu Biology
2017 Stéphanie van der Pas Mathematics
2018 Jorryt Matthee Astronomy
2019 Robbin Bastiaansen Mathematics
2020 Anja Rüten-Budde Mathematics
2021 No award due to corona  
2022 No award due to corona  
2023 Bregje Brinkman Environmental Sciences

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History of the prize

In addition to the existing C.J. Kok Jury Award for the best thesis, the annual C.J. Kok Public Award was also established in 2004. For the Public Award, each of the eight institutes affiliated with the Faculty of Science nominated one researcher who had made a significant discovery in their academic field that year. The winner of this prize was honoured as the Discoverer of the Year for the following year. The C.J. Kok Public Awaes came with a cash award of 2,500 euros.

The Public Award was awarded based on the results of a public voting round. Internal votes, meaning votes from colleagues within the same institute, were weighted to correct for the size of the respective institute. In the last years, however, winners had also received a substantial number of votes from outside their own institute.

The C.J. Kok Public Award was last awarded in 2020.


Jaar Naam Onderzoeker Vakgebied
2004 Remy van Gorkum Chemistry
2005 Arend Hauer Drug research
2006 Maytal Bivas-Benita Drug research
2007 Merlijn van Spengen Physics
2008 Groep Ignas Snellen Astronomy
2009 Laura Heitman Drug research
2010 Annemarie Meijer Biology
2011 Anton Akhmerov Physics
2012 Marthe Walvoort Chemistry
2013 Gerard van Westen Drug research
2014 Annelien Zweemer Drug research
2015 Daniel Rozen Biology
2016 Alexander van Oudenhoven Environmental Sciences
2017 Alireza Mashaghi Tabari Drug research
2018 Paul Behrens Environmental Sciences
2019 Irene Battisti Physics
2020 Michiel Veldhuis Environmental Sciences

The inheritance of Mr. C.J. Kok

The C.J. Kok fund was raised from the assets of Mr C.J. Kok, a biology tutor from The Hague, who was strongly committed to the natural sciences. Upon his death in 1965, he left his entire estate to Leiden University. The C.J. Kok fund was established with this inheritance.

In his will, Mr Kok estated that both the Faculty of Science and the Leiden University Medical Center would annually be given the opportunity to use the fund's revenues to award outstanding perfomance to those demonstrating ‘a pronounced, significant talent for mathematics or solving medical problems’. 

The will also states that the assessment of performance should be on purely scientific grounds and that ‘no distinction should be made regarding rank, status, race, national character, origin, relationship and so on’.

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