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Teacher of the Year Award

Which teacher did an outstanding job in not only transferring knowledge in novel ways but also in getting students enthusiastic and connecting a course to current research themes? Meet the nominees for the Teacher of the Year Award 2023!

Rudy van Vliet

Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

Listen carefully when students ask a question, to hear the question behind the question.’

Read the full interview with Rudy van Vliet.

Yamila Miguel

Leiden Observatory

‘The questions and ideas from students, in turn, make me a better researcher.’

Read the full interview with Yamila Miguel.

Frans Rodenburg

Institute of Biology Leiden

‘Most students are convinced that statistics is not for them. I am here to convince them otherwise.’

Read the full interview with Frans Rodenburg.


The other nominees

Jan Vonk

Mathematical Institute

‘By encouraging socialisation and active participation, Jan creates amicable relationships with his students and an inviting environment for scientific debate.’ - Programme committee mathematics


Jeroen van Smeden

Leiden University Medical Centre

‘Jeroen is a highly enthusiastic professor. During his course, everything came together.’ - Programme committee Biopharmaceutical Sciences


Marco van Eijk

Leiden Institute of Chemistry

‘Marco is always eager to help and gives his students a feeling that they are being understood.’ Programme committee BSc Life Science and Technology


Anthe Janssen

Leiden Institute of Chemistry

‘Anthe succeeds in building a bridge between high school chemistry and the university. His interactive lectures, and approachable and amusing attitude create a perfect learning environment.’ - Programme committee BSc Molecular Science and Technology


Garnet Akeyr

Leiden Institute of Physics

‘Garnet's lectures strike the perfect balance between the mathematical foundation and its physics applications.’ - Programme committee BSc Physics


Marcel van Daalen

Leiden Observatory

‘A teacher who dispelled all doubts about whether you had chosen the right study programme. Marcel teaches with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. The lectures, interactive and humorous, were a highlight of the week.’ - Programme committee BSc Astronomy


Rob Saunders

Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science

‘Rob has the ability to engage both experienced and inexperienced programming students. He inspires you to explore your own creaivity while staying abreast of the latest developments in the field.’ - Programme committee MSc Computer Sciences and Media Technology


Natalia Amat Lefort

Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

‘Natalia manages to deliver an effective course on a challenging subject for students coming from different disciplines. Her course is well-structured and fun.’ - Programme committee MSc ICT in Business, Business Studies & Minor SBB


Tomer Fishman

Leiden Insitute of Environmental Science

‘Tomer excels at fostering a positive and effective learning environment and possesses and exceptional talent for explaining complex concepts slowly and clearly.’ - Programme committee MSc Industrial Ecology


Hans Aerts

Leiden Institute of Chemistry

‘The lectures of Hans feel like "bonus lectures" full of fun facts that are easy to remember. He can make seamless links between theory and practice.’ - Programme committee MSc Chemistry

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