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We Are Science in 2023

What we did this year? Well, we ran for charity, moved a 2,000 kilo electron microscope and ate poffertjes in the garden. Oh yes, and together mapped out a strategy for the next five years. Warm up the fingers and get ready to scroll through the year of Leiden Science in 2023.

January - The year of the rabbit

The first of Janauary is not the only day you can wish people ‘a Happy New Year’. On 23 January, a day after the start of the Lunar New Year, the Leiden Science China Community hosted a New Year’s celebration in the Atrium. Over 300 people joined to celebrate and share culture.

April - Succesful comeback for Leiden Science Run: 65 teams raise 9400 euros for refugee students

Athletic achievements, enthusiastic supporters and a beautiful donation for charity: on Saturday 15 April, the Leiden Bio Science Park was the setting for the 5th edition of the Leiden Science Run. All this was accompanied by bright sunshine. ‘What a joy to be part of!’

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May - We Are Science Week

Playing games in the garden, battling colleagues on the Mario Kart racetraks and of course the traditional Beat the Professor PubQuiz. The We Are Science Week once again provided students and staff with a lot of fun and great meet ups.

Science at Work: Stories from our faculty

Olga Gadyatskaya

Girls can be hackers too

Cybersecurity expert Olga Gadyatskaya works on all kind of security issues. Next to that, she hopes to inspire young girls to consider a career in cybersecurity.

Read the full interview with Olga Gadyatskaya

Alexander Dürre

‘I use a statistical analysis to estimate my travel time by bike’

Why use Google Maps when you can also calculate your bike route based on your own data? Statistician and cyclist Alexander Dürre sees statistics in everything around him.

Read the full interview with Alexander Dürre

Roderick Bouman

We are like a regular museum. Except that our objects are alive

Roderick Bouman is collection manager of the Leiden Hortus botanicus. He keeps track of which plants there are in the garden, where they come from and makes sure visitors can find the right information.

Read the full interview with Roderick Bouman

Leiden Science podcast launched: sit back and delve in the world of Science

Do you ever wonder about extraterrestrial life? Or what robots can take over from us? And how safe are our smart devices actually? Learn the answer to these and other interesting science questions in our new podcast Wetenschap op je gemak (in Dutch).

Podcast hosts Jordi (left) and Inge (right) with environmental scientist and mosquito expert Maarten Schrama.

Listen to more episodes of Wetenschap op je gemak

September - Connecting through curiosity

What does our faculty stand for and what will we do in the next five years? During the Opening of the Academic Year, Dean Jasper Knoester proudly presented our new strategic plan that we made together.

Thanks to joint efforts, we now have a clear course that sets the direction for the coming years.

A proud dean shows the booklet.
A proud dean shows the booklet.

Check out the impression of our new Gorlaeus Building

Bit by bit, the new Gorleaus building is taking more shape. The arcade stands, and above it now flaunts the name Faculty of Science. From spring 2024 onwards, we can officially take our place in phase 2a.

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September - Nalani Verwoord joins Faculty Board on behalf of students

At the kick-off of the new academic year, we also said goodbye to assessor Ava Bauer. Her successor is third-year Biology student Nalani Verwoord. On her programme are disposible plastics, the dining facilities and student welfare. ‘It is important that the university is a nice place for everyone to study and develop.’

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October - Celebrating Science with the Leiden Science Family Day

Elephant toothpaste, a trip among the stars or a lecture on mathematical juggling: on Sunday 8 October 2023, the Faculty of Science opened its doors for the third edition of the Leiden Science Family Day. A programme jam-packed with workshops, demonstrations, lectures and peeks behind the scenes for anyone curious about science. Plenty to do, thankfully, because the day was busier than ever.

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Women in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: stories from women in physics

‘Never lose your curiosity. I want to understand the world around me. Not just because the courses I have to pass, but to expand my own boundaries and knowledge.’

For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, women students and researchers from physics talked about what inspires them in their work. From quantum to cosmology and biophysics, their curiosity about how nature works is what connects these women.

International Women’s Day

New report on efforts for gender equility
RISE, the network for Researchers in Science for Equality, proudly presented her fourth biennial report. It outlines everything that has happened in term of gender equality at our Faculty: workshops, policy advice and interviews.


Click on the cover page to read the RISE Biennial Report 2021-2023
Click on the cover page to read the RISE Biennial Report 2021-2023

Hooray! This extremely sensitive microscope survived its relocation

Moving an electron microscope of 2,000 kg is a delicate challenge. The highly sensitive instrument needed to be moved to a new measurement hall, but even a tiny bump could damage it. After a few nerve-racking weeks of preparing the move and reinstalment, the researchers finally have a verdict: the instrument still works.

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