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Special Issues

An overview of all special issues published by The Hague Journal of Diplomacy.

Forum - Engaging Home In International Diplomacy

Vol. 17, IV

Understanding the Gender of Ministries of Foreign Affairs

Vol. 17, III; editors: Birgitta Niklasson and Ann E. Towns

China’s Global Diplomacy

Vol. 16, II-III; editors: Qingmin Zhang, Paul Sharp and Jan Melissen

Ministries of Foreign Affairs: Institutional Responses to Complexity Diplomacy

Vol. 15, I-II; editor: Christian Lequesne

Non-Western Non-state Diplomacy

Vol. 14, III; editors: Natalia Grincheva and Robert Kelley

Debating Public Diplomacy: Now and Next

Vol. 14, I-II; editors: Jian Wang and Jan Melissen

Diplomacy and the Duty of Care

Vol. 13, II; editors: Jan Melissen and Maaike Okano-Heijmans

European Diplomatic Cooperation Outside EU Borders

Vol. 13, I; editors: Federica Bicchi and Heidi Maurer

The Multilateral Politics of UN Diplomacy

Vol. 12, II-III; editors: Katie Verlin Laatikainen and Karen E. Smith

'Other Diplomacies' of Non-State Actors: The Case of Canadian-Asian Relations

Vol. 11, IV; editors: Susan J. Henders and Mary M. Young

Parliamentary Diplomacy Uncovered: European and Global Perspectives

Vol. 11, II-III; editors: Stelios Stavridis and Davor Jančić

Business Diplomacy

Vol. 9, IV; editors: Jennifer Kesteleyn, Shaun Riordan and Huub Ruël

Sports Diplomacy

Vol. 8, III-IV; editor: Stuart Murray

The Domestic Dimension of Public Diplomacy

Vol. 7, IV; editor: Ellen Huijgh

The Emerging EU Diplomatic System

Vol. 7, I; editors: Petar Petrov, Karolina Pomorska and Sophie Vanhoonacker

American Diplomacy

Vol. 6, III-IV; editors: Paul Sharp and Geoffrey Wiseman

Economic Diplomacy: The Issues

Vol. 6, I-II; editors: Jan Melissen, Maaike Okano-Heijmans and Peter A.G. van Bergeijk

China's Evolving Diplomacy

Vol. 5, IV; editors: Ingrid d'Hooghe and Chen Zhimin

Regional Sub-State Diplomacy Today

Vol. 5, I-II; editor: David Criekemans

Diplomacy and the European Union

Vol. 4, II; editors: Brian Hocking and Jozef Bátora

The Diplomacy of WTO Accession

Vol. 4, I; editors: Donna Lee and Heidi Ullrich


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